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I'm alive

House: 13 close up of face
~Still waiting to see if I get a referral to fix my issues, lame.

~Almost found a new job, but it was just an independent contractor commission only insurance sales position in the end, lame. So still trying to find a new job and cleaning my room and keeping M sane.

~Sadly my car needs work on it again, after the radiator burst and caused overheating and making the head have issues so it'd continue to overheat, now it's the catalytic converter and the pre-catalytic. We fixed the catalytic, temporarily, but now it's the pre-catalytic that isn't flowing right. It won't accelerate properly, takes forever on flat ground and on an incline it struggles to maintain a decent speed. And by decent speed I mean if I don't have insane momentum then on bad inclines I'm lucky if I can keep 20mph. So that means visiting M requires city streets only, freeways on the way to him go up and down too much. Joy. Now we save and save because car comes before finishing my almost finished computer.

~Because of helping his friend D, M has most of the parts for my new computer build and it's exciting. Too bad it won't be done soon, oh well. I have a shiny LAN box and a motherboard and processor, going to borrow one of M's video cards for now so just need RAM and a hard drive. If the one in my mac mini isn't dying, I'll just use it, but I have to test. It's been shutting itself down, hopefully it's just a heating issue.

~I have New Balance Minimus trail shoes and I love them so much. Been going on walks around the neighborhood with them and my new yoga pants and ahh, I love being outside. Going to use the Couch To 5K plan to get better at taking walks, woo.