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My body betrays me

So, last June I had an abscess that had to be surgically removed. I was out of work for two weeks, bedridden and in pain. That was awful.

Well, for a moment back in January I thought it came back, which it can, but no, just a hemorrhoid. It started out awful but then got better so eh, I’ll just hope it heals itself. Well, it started to get a bit worse again and I was waiting to see if I needed to call my doctor when it got better. Only, the reason why it got better? Draining. From a hole that should not exist. That I got from surgery back in June. So my doctor is referring me to a gastroenterologist. So we’ll see how this goes. Crossing fingers. Though if the way I’m feeling worse and worse is anything to go by, I may have an infection I need antibiotics for after all.

I’ll make a separate post about last February, I’m all over it finally, realized that while blocking it away I just let it go. I just want to put it all together so it makes sense.

So I get to see Catch Me If You Can  at the Pantages Theatre tomorrow, yay. Really enjoy that movie and it’s free, because M’s grandma and grandpa got tickets before making plans to be out of town. So yay, plans. Maybe we can make it into a date with some food. To be honest, we’ve only really had “dates” on Valentine’s Day. Otherwise even if we do a lot together in one day, it’s just a normal day, it’s not really a date and our time. Well, also our anniversary, that’s six flags day.

I don’t know how long ago my friend C got me a stepper but I finally started using it yesterday. Ah, my knees, but they are okay today and I’ll use it again tomorrow. Sadly putting a box on my desk to make it a standing desk doesn’t make my laptop high enough to use with stepper, must fix this.

I’ll try to keep this updated regularly, sadly it’ll be easy for medical reasons, rawr.