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Quick little update

I’m being productive again. I finally geotagged all my photos, now I need to sort them then rename them. Oh, then put them back into iPhoto and tag them. Joy /sarcasm I’m also doing my medical billing and coding program again. I’m on medical terminology. Shoot me now. I’m using flash cards, seriously, shoot me. I also made it to level 80 in WoW, finally. (shut up!) It’s nice, getting things done.
I got 24 hours last week but only 14 this week, 18 next week. If it wasn’t for Michael, I’d be screwed. Okay, time to add “find a new job” to my productivity list and by that I mean actually do something about it. At least it gives me plenty of time to study?
That seems about it for now, need to finish this chapter before I go to Michael. He’s finally practicing driving! His permit expires beginning of December so he needs to get his license before then. He also has a car (used, ’89 Sentra) that he’s going to buy, so that will be nice. And it’s manual so I’ll get to learn.