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Actress: Natalie takes your picture
I’m trying out using MacJournal instead of iJournal because this way I can keep both my LJ backed up (in a way) together with my personal private ramblings. Not sure how it’s going to work out so fingers crossed.
Work is work. Work was light this week and by light I mean 11.5 scheduled hours. Joy. No, not of my doing though I did take advantage of my five days off (wtf) and went home to visit family. It was a nice trip, made dinner for my family both nights. Well, Michael and I made my favorite casserole the first night and then the second night he made his chicken and broccoli fettuccini (homemade sauce yum). Tasty food was tasty. Tried to stay positive about work. New idea? First find a temp part time job around here but once Michael has a car (and his license, obviously) we’re thinking of moving up to my hometown. I should never say never, shouldn’t I? Well, hopefully third time living there will be the charm, haha. Plus, if it means living with Michael finally, I won’t complain.
We’re still okay. We got our moments and by our moments I mean I go crazy and we both get a little hurt but then we work it out (I stop being crazy) and life isn’t so bad. We’ve had more nights of practically not seeing each other but making it work for an hour or two. Tonight will be another short night, picking him up from work and after just a half an hour (to maybe an hour) dropping him off at home so he can work on cleaning his room. (Yes, one hour with me and then being taken home still gives him more time to clean because it can take him two hours to walk home from work.) This is life and I know it could be way worse. If only that logic worked when my mind goes negative (really negative).
I need to be more productive. I need more positive days, I’m tired of these negative days keeping me from doing anything, even fun things. Yes, organizing photos (geotagging, sorting, renaming) is considered fun by me, I’m weird. Come on, brain, stop being silly.
(MacJournal, make me happy with positing through you)