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Actress: Lauren sparkles and is pretty
It's been forever, hasn't it? Well, I got a shiny new laptop and I take her to my boyfriends all the time so I shall not let this haitus continue! (I'm at home now, it's a rare day indeed that I don't get him for the afternoon)
Now, what did you hear last? Let us start with work. Admin job opened up again. We did get a new admin and she's really cool and she's even a friend now so yay but that job is cursed or something. I'm one of a few associates trying for it, including the guy who just got trained for cash office so at least our supervisor doesn't have to do it on the one day I get off. Yeah, I'm getting one day off a week, never a weekend. We had a new girl for a few weeks but she just quit after her first weekend by herself. (And right before the next one because she only worked cash office weekends and they tried to get me to come in but I was out of town and then they still scheduled me for Sunday even though I said I was gone till my shift Monday morning so whatever) Maybe cash office is cursed as well but I'm holding on. A few not so great weeks, like last week, with only 20.5 scheduled hours but then I got some more on Monday so it turned out okay. This week is 39 hours scheduled, got an extra half hour today (even went a few minutes into over 8 hours so not sure how that overtime will work out) and my manager said since I have to come in at 5am Saturday unlike my scheduled 6am (we open at 7am) we'll see if I get off at 1pm instead of 2pm or if I do stay till my scheduled end because it's a Saturday and busy. We shall see if mentioning me going over 40 hours will get me off at 1pm instead though my Michael works till 6pm so it's not like getting out earlier works better for us. We shall see where works go. Been a year come the end of this month (or thereabouts, forgot the exact start date, oh iCal you tell me it was Aug. 27th that I had orientation perfect) not sure what that entails. Apparently got to do a review but work was so crazy today didn't get to, sadness.
Next course of updating, the boyfriend front. HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, just rereading what I wrote last time, which was protected so all you people going "wait, what?" sorry I cannot tell you specifics. But back then, it was right after I asked out John. And I was falling for Michael as well and going "crap crap crap" because I had someone and was liking someone else. But no, I was sure I'd stay with John because "I couldn't lose him." Notice how I said "my Michael" back up there? Yeah. John and I just didn't work out, for reasons that you don't get to know, ha. And now Michael and I are together and while we aren't perfect, we're happy. Really happy. Won't go into the sordid details of our getting together, needless to say it was complicated. But I never do relationships the normal way. I'm still good friends with John (even if Michael kind of goes grr about it but accepts it because he wants me to be happy) though if he moves I'll be sad because I don't have enough friends I can just hang out with in this area. But I have Michael and we try to see each other every day we can, lately almost every day of the week. He had late work Saturday and Sunday (and today) and I had long shifts yesterday and today so I haven't seen him since 2pm Saturday and I don't get to see him till 9pm tonight (Monday). Yeah, I know, boo hoo, poor me. I wouldn't be all "noes not fair" if today hadn't sucked at work. Insert "abandonment issues" here, like whoa. Trying to enjoy the me-time especially because I do still have all those papers to scan (storage unit cleared) and so many photos to geotag and then organize and oh yeah all 1200+ need to be renamed (it's just 1200 right? not 12k? oh I hope not I need to get on that). I just love him, I really do, and it's been amazing how I haven't wanted to spend time on my own other than in a rational "I have things to do at home" kind of way. (With my laptop I can deal with photos while hanging out so at least that isn't a worry but those boxes full of papers are) Is it too early to say he's the one? Because I'm pretty sure he is. And now all my readers who are older and wiser than me will go "hahahaha yes dear" and pat my head.
I think that's about a good update. I'm being distracted so my train of thought has gone a little off the track so I won't let my rambling get out of hand. In short, work is being work, not too horrible despite some days (meaning today). Crazy hours but I'm surviving with a little help from the love of my life, the reason I'm alive. (No, really, he's the one who keeps the really bad depression from getting to me) I have something so good in my life now, I'm not letting him go.